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Faking it??


I am always amazed by the amount of people out there that automatically assume that Fibromyalgia patients are faking it.  It’s quite absurd to assume that a healthy, happy and successful person would just decide one day to fake an awful, unknown and very misunderstood disorder.  The logic of the assumption eludes me.  Ignorance is rife!

3 thoughts on “Faking it??”

  1. Yeah, human beings suck. They’re just afraid and unwilling to accept that some disease like this which they don’t understand, and has no known cure, may affect them and/or their loved ones.

    Instead, they’d rather believe anything else – that you’re lying or faking it, that it’s “just anxiety/depression”, that you’re imagining it, that you did something to deserve it etc.

    That way they reassure themselves that this will never happen to them, and bad things will never happen to them.

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