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Ketamine Infusions Treatment for Fibromyalgia

To begin with, I must apologize for the lack of posts on this blog.  I’m quite sure that my fellow Fibro sufferers will understand the daily struggle I have been dealing with.  It is not easy to maintain a blog at all times.

Okay so Ketamine Infusions! Some people will think that this treatment is extreme and not for them and that is their choice.  I will first explain to you how it is that I got to have this treatment. I had heard of this treatment many years ago via my pain specialist but every time that I mentioned that I would like to try it, he would always shove the idea aside, saying that the risks outweighed the benefits and so that is where we left it.

One day, in October 2018, I hit a dip so low due to my unrelenting pain and worsening depression, that I concluded suicide was my only option to get out of this terrible way to live.  I took an overdose of pills and woke up three days later in high care in hospital.  From the hospital I agreed to go to a facility for 21 days in order to deal with my depression.  My medications were changed and I learnt a lot during those days.  When I was discharged, things were good except of course for the unrelenting pain that would not go away and would not respond to the usual Tramahexal cocktail.

I approached my pain specialist and mentioned the entire story above to him.  He disagreed with me over the Tramahexal efficacy and stated that you cannot develop a tolerance to them.  After being on them for over 10 years, I respectfully disagree.  In any event, he decided that it was time to try the Ketamine Infusions route.  I have severe fibromyalgia that does not respond to many medications and my life was a living misery.  This is why I was keen to try it.  Anything was worthwhile to try.

Two weeks later, a new pain specialist was in contact with me and I was admitted to hospital for Ketamine Infusions.  I was very nervous as I had heard stories of people hallucinating, both visually and auditory but the doctor set my mind at ease.  She mentioned that they would be administering 5 drips over a period of 3 days, each drip would run for 8 hours.  This lessens the horrible side effects that one would experience if the drip was running quickly.  I don’t know the dosages that I was given but all I knew was that I slept for 3 days solid.  Visitors could not wake me and if they were able to, I was very unstable on my feet and had to be transported around in a wheelchair.   For the first time in 10 years my pain level dropped to below 5.  I was amazed.  This lasted for about 3 weeks and then I was back to the unrelenting pain.

Three months later, I was back for another round of treatment.  This time she upped the dosage and gave me 6 bags of ketamine.  I handled it much better this time and did not sleep so much.  I had one auditory hallucination which was music playing behind me like at a concert but that was it.  I was more stable on my feet and could hold conversations, although some of them not too well.  My husband came to visit me one night and his face and shirt felt like paper.  It was very strange.   My pain levels dropped again below 5 and closer to the 3 mark.  This time it lasted for approximately 5 weeks.  I was blown away.

I was hoping to hear from fellow FM sufferers regarding their experience with Ketamine Infusions but as yet I have not heard from anyone.  The treatment also works for depression and lifted my mood for a while too.

My next treatment will be in July and I am hoping that I will respond even better to it.  This is just a reminder that second opinions are valuable and new treatments are worth trying.  I am not sure of the long term effects but when administered correctly they are apparently minimal.  Google it yourself and who knows, this treatment my change your life just as it has mine.

Ketamine Infusions

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