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Sick & Tired

Time for a rant session …

Is it just me or is everybody feeling sick and tired of the treatment received from your family and friends? When your own family cannot even ask you how you are doing?, or when you do tell them, they cannot even acknowledge the fact that I am battling so much at the moment. It makes me so sad.

When friends that you thought would always be there for you and are now completely missing in action. Even though I dropped everything to go and support or help out these exact friends in the past!

What is wrong with people?

They seem to be so self centered. Only caring about themselves and wanting to discuss themselves all the time. Not one bit of acknowledgement about what I am going through or how I may be feeling. Maybe they could be offering support or help … but no, not even an ear to listen!

Sick to death of it!

Tired of being hurt by people that I never thought would hurt me.

I can luckily say that I do have some people that I truly appreciate with all my heart. The ones that genuinely care about me and provide me with their constant support. Without them, I’m not too sure what my life would be like.

I have found a song that resonates with me this morning … have a listen.

Sick & Tired

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