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Radical Acceptance Template

In my recent blog post, Diagnosis Acceptance, you will read how I used Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Radical Acceptance, to accept my diagnosis.

I have drawn up a template for you to utilize when practicing this skill:

DBT Radical Acceptance Template

You can download the template for free under the Resources section of this blog.

You can use this exercise to practice Radical Acceptance in painful situations as well as Everyday Acceptance. The core concept is that you adopt an accepting attitude each day and it will change your life.

Here are some examples of Everyday Acceptance situations that you can practice with Radical Acceptance:

  • The weather has ruined your plans
  • Your husband/wife/partner is in a bad mood
  • You have to wait in a long line
  • Your co-worker makes a mistake
  • The delivery person is 30 minutes late
  • Dinner is not your favorite
  • You run out of paper towels
  • Someone cuts you off in traffic
  • Gas/Petrol prices have risen
  • A dish is broken

These common inconveniences often cause us to feel frustrated, annoyed, anxious and/or stressed. Instead of facing these with resistance, we can use everyday acceptance.

This approach is not to be confused with giving in, being walked on, or remaining helpless. Many problems have solutions or interventions, e.g. using assertiveness, running to the store, changing the channel, setting a boundary, etc.

When we use everyday acceptance, we allow ourselves to have the emotional balance in order to solve our everyday problems more effectively.

Let it be so, and then deal with it effectively.

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