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My Fibromyalgia Story by Guest Blogger, Claire Day

My Fibromyalgia Story by Guest Blogger, Claire Day
My Fibromyalgia Story by Guest Blogger, Claire Day

My journey with Fibromyalgia and inflammation started at the age of 21 with back pains and muscle spasms in my shoulder and neck.

I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. At 3 months I was referred to a physio as my pelvis tilted and so I struggled to weight bear and walk. I had back problems throughout my pregnancy and told them I never wanted an epidural, as I heard so many people suffer in pain afterwards. During labour, I got stuck on 3cm and stopped dilating and so they induced me with a foreign hormone into my arm on a drip. After 10 hours they said that my body wasn’t taking to the hormone and that it would need to be upped to the highest amount. As soon as they were done, I felt an unbelievable amount of pressure in my stomach. I felt like I was blowing up inside. They then told me that I needed antibiotics as I’d been in labour for over 24 hours and had caught an infection.

So there I was on a drips for antibiotics and for hormones. Eventually my daughter came the next day, but my experience wasn’t nice. Afterwards I would find myself with a numb, big toe for over 12 months and shooting pains to my hip and leg for a long time. I just put it down to the epidural and needing to get stronger, so I tried exercise, yoga, and pilates. It never helped. It always exaggerated my pain.

Three years later, I was burned by my dermatologist which left me with second degree burns for 4 weeks (sunburned). I felt shocks in my body like never before. I couldn’t sleep. I was depressed. I really was. I had red skin and white eyes like a panda and so I stayed in doors. This happened in the middle of winter and so my body went into shock, as I’m supposed to be getting cold in winter but my body was over heated and burnt.

Over the next few months I lost my friendships and relationship, as I couldn’t move. I couldn’t communicate effectively as I was mentally tortured with my burn. My daughter was 2 and half and she was sick, in and out of hospital. I couldn’t look after her properly for a period of time and this sent me into a depression. I have been diagnosed with personality disorder now, as they think I had ADHD as a child. It was left untreated for years and I developed anxious avoidance disorder. I have social anxiety and suffer with extreme brain fog at times. I feel about 60 and I’m only 30!

My Rheumatologist is checking for underlying hip problems. I’ve been told my inflammatory markers are normal, yet they have found inflammation in my stomach, in my neck and shoulder. They put the pain down my leg down to Sciatica and inflammation, and are just using steriod treatment as a trial at the moment to ease the pain and mobilize me more. I think I will need to use my stick outdoors more now, as I only use it indoors due to embarrassment.

I’ve struggled accepting myself for years and it’s made me depressed. I didn’t want to live with myself and my pain, but I have to get through and show people that we are bigger than our pain and fatigue!

I’ve also experienced domestic abuse for over 5 years and my princess suffers with kidney problems, so I’m in a constant battle with illness, not just with myself.

Claire’s daughters depiction of Fibromyalgia

You can connect directly with Claire on her blog, See_From_Your_Own_Angle and on Instagram.

Fibro Ramblings, Thank’s so much Claire for sharing your story with us and thereby raises awareness of Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia has many faces.

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