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The Diagnosis that Changed my Life, by Colin Crawford

Fibromyalgia warrior, Colin Crawford suffers from Fibromyalgia. Colin has added his face and story to Faces & Stories of Fibromyalgia. I am so grateful that Colin has shared this, as each story told raises awareness and helps fellow sufferers.

You can connect with Colin by following him on Instagram.

The Diagnosis that changed my life by Colin Crawford
Colin Crawford

Sunday 25th March 2018. A strangely conflicting day. Finally, receiving a diagnosis following many, many appointments, but it was one that would change my life.

January 2017, a lifting accident at work would cause more trauma than first expected, and I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance following that! 14 months of appointments, pain, stroke specialists, cardiologists, more pain, xrays, needles, shrinks, and you guessed it, even more pain.

I was always an active individual. I played football from as young as I can remember, and I was always exercising. In a 5 minute appointment, gone.

Fibromyalgia. Heartbreak.

Sure, it was great to have a name for everything I had been experiencing. The constant pain. Fatigue. The fibro fog (oh how I hate this!). However, I was learning that I would never be able to get back to the active life I had prior to my accident.

The past two years have been a struggle. Trying to adjust to a different lifestyle, listening to my body more to limit flare ups (I learned about these the hard way) and dealing with the symptoms daily.

Every day I am learning something new about this condition, or a new way to ease the symptoms, even slightly. My Fibro journey is still in its infancy, I plan on using my journey to learn as much as I can from it, but also share that with those who don’t understand what we go through.

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