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I Was Made To Feel Like a Hypochondriac, by Sasha Twinham

Fibromyalgia warrior, Sasha Twinham, suffers from Fibromyalgia. Sasha has added her face and story to Faces & Stories of Fibromyalgia. I am so grateful that she has shared this, as each story told raises awareness and helps fellow sufferers.

You can connect with Sasha by following her on Instagram.

I Was Made To Feel Like a Hypochondriac by Sasha Twinham
Sasha Twinham

Hi! My name is Sash and I am 28😊.

I live with several chronic health conditions, one of them being Fibromyalgia.

It was especially hard to get my fibro diagnosis as a lot of my condition’s mimic fibro symptoms. As a result, it took me a long time to get diagnosed. I’ve always struggled with pain for as long as I can remember but the worst part that got too much was the burning skin sensation. Water began to feel like acid on my skin and the slightest touch would leave me in agony for days. I now know these symptoms are Fibromyalgia. There are the other symptoms that make me feel a bit down sometimes too, like brain fog or fibro fog, losing my grip, and just fatigue all day, every day.

I was made to feel like a hypochondriac, like all my symptoms were in my head or blamed on my anxiety and depression. It took seeing many rubbish doctors to find the one I have now that just instantly knew what was wrong. For that I will always be grateful to him. I still have symptoms and there are still days where I can’t get out of bed from pain or fatigue but at least I now know why I get them.

Please don’t ever stop searching for answers, there is always one doctor that will listen and WILL believe you! Keep fighting, keep searching and keep being an awesome spoonie! Xxx

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