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Fighting Fibromyalgia ….

When I speak about Fibromyalgia being a thief, I truly mean it.

The Thief that is Fibromyalgia

The last time that I was able to post on this blog was on the 8th of July 2020. What has happened to me since then, is all due to Fibromyalgia.

First the extreme pain hit. I was unable to get out of bed for days. I had severe migraines and extremely painful muscle spasms. I was unable to think of anything else as the pain level was at about 9/10. Due to a trapped nerve on C4/C5, I had severe muscle spasms in my shoulder and neck, while my left arm was numb and my hand had pins and needles. The fatigue set in badly and I found myself battling to lift myself off the bed just to go to the bathroom. I was not sleeping and my restless legs was very bad. With all this going on, along came the anxiety and depression.

With that, the never ending cycle began. I was battling to communicate properly with family and friends due to the extreme pain. I had to just hope that they understood because I did not have the energy to explain. Sadly a lot of them just could not try to be understanding and ended up being irritated with me.

Why are some people incapable of empathy? Why can’t people try and understand? This quote by Harville Hendrix sums it up perfectly.

Shout out to all my fellow fibromyalgia warriors. We fight every day against a extremely difficult condition, which most people don’t understand. Keep fighting! You are not alone!

2 thoughts on “Fighting Fibromyalgia ….”

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have had fibromyalgia 30 years since i was nineteen years old. When i first stating having symptoms the doctors thought i was faking it. I had an MRI and was told afterwards that they could find nothing wrong with me. They put into my medical record that i was faking it for attention. It took four years of going from doctor to doctor before i was diagnosed. For years I have functioned pretty well although by evening i was usually bedridden. But i missed out on so much. My kids concerts and sports events. Family events i missed it all. Then 2 years ago the pain started to get worse. I would only make to around 3pm before i was done for the day bedridden. 2018 was one worst year of my life. My father died in January. Then i lost 9 relatives that year. Including my nephew, then this year covid hit. By the time summer came i became bedridden pretty much all day. So i agree with everything you wrote because i lost all those things too.

    Melissa Perry


    1. I’m so sorry for all that you have gone through and are still going through. It took a long time for me to get diagnosed too. My story is on this blog, titled ‘My Long Journey to Diagnosis’
      Fibromyalgia is such a cruel illness. Always remember that you are not alone 💜 Would you perhaps be interested in sharing your story? This can be a very healing experience.


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