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Fibro caused by Stress, by Gyna-Monica Herrera

Faces of Fibromyalgia Fibro caused by stress Gyna-Monica Herrera Fibro Ramblings

At the beginning of 2013, my marriage started to fall apart (my husband cheated), and I couldn’t put it behind me like I thought I could. I didn’t realize that the stress of that whole incident was going to cause my 1st fibro flare, which wouldn’t be diagnosed until November that year (2013).

My life did a whole 180°

I’m no longer working; my life is doctors’ appointments and pills. I loved my job, my patients made me smile, but my cognitive issues started, and I started having horrible migraines. My anxiety is always between a 5 and 8.

What works for me is meditation and documenting my triggers (I’m still learning).

Adjusting sucks but stay strong. YOU have fibro, fibro doesn’t have you.

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Fibro Ramblings: Thanks so much Gyna-Monica! I am so grateful that you have shared your story, as each face and story added raises Fibromyalgia awareness.

3 thoughts on “Fibro caused by Stress, by Gyna-Monica Herrera”

  1. That’s interesting because that’s the same year the same thing happened in my marriage but my issues had already started. He said I didn’t pay enough attention to him but the whole time I was sick. My issues just snowballed from there


      1. I haven’t been officially diagnosed so, no, not at this time, but if they ever actually listen to me and do diagnose me, I’ll let you know. 😉 thank you for sharing the stories of others here.


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