Faces of Fibromyalgia

Introducing our Faces of Fibromyalgia

These men and women have shared their faces and stories in order to raise Fibromyalgia Awareness. They are courageous and an inspiration to many. I am truly grateful to each and every one of them. Each image contains the link to their stories.

My difficult journey with CRPS & Fibromyalgia by Alina
Amanda Morazzini
My Suffering with Fibromyalgia by Amira Balit
Amira Balit
I Suffer Deep Grief for the Girl I was before Fibromyalgia, by Amy Bevan
Amy Bevan
Faces of Fibromyalgia Fibro Ramblings My Journey with Fibromyalgia Amy Duitsman Northern Illinois USA
Amy Duitsman
Angelique Gilchrist
Faces of Fibromyalgia My Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibromyalgia Story by Antoinette Mitchell
Antoinette Mitchell
Adding My Face to Fibromyalgia Awareness Apryl Goodwin Fibro Ramblings
Apryl Goodwin
Fighting Fibromyalgia Since 2012, by Arushi Lohiya
Arushi Lohiya
Fibromyalgia scrapes away your body and life, by Beckie Thomas
Beckie Thomas
Beth Collier
Blanca Chicas
My Very Long & Painful Journey, by Carol Porter
Carol Porter
My Fibromyalgia Story by Guest Blogger, Claire Day
Claire Day
The Diagnosis that changed my life by Colin Crawford
Colin Crawford
Resistance is Pain, Acceptance is Key, by Corinne Stone
Corinne Stone
Adding My Face to Fibromyalgia Awareness, De-Anna Tuck
De-Anna Tuck
Faces of Fibromyalgia The Fibro Wife Painful & Proud by Emma Boyland Fibro Ramblings
Emma Boyland
Erin Cole
Erin Hope
Adding my Face to Fibromyalgia Awareness, Fiona Black
Fiona Black
I Knew Something Wasn't Right by Gina Christiansen
Gina Christiansen
Faces of Fibromyalgia Fibro caused by stress Gyna-Monica Herrera Fibro Ramblings
Gyna-Monica Herrera
Faces of Fibromyalgia Finally Diagnosed & Finding Ways to Cope, by Hayley Lindemer
Hayley Lindemer
What You Can Learn From My Journey with Health Issues, by Heather Wickman
Heather Wickman
Fibro Ramblings Faces of Fibromyalgia Jaiden Herkimer
Jaiden Herkimer
I am not, not, going to be defeated, by James Langan
James Langan
I Think Trauma Caused my Fibromyalgia by Jasmine Russell
Jasmine Russell
My Fibromyalgia Story, by Jeff McCool
Jeff McCool
Faces of Fibromyalgia Learning to Climb Mountains Jenna Nichols Fibro Ramblings
Jenna Nichola
My Fibromyalgia & ME/CFS Journey by Jess Williams
Jess Williams
Faces of Fibromyalgia My Fibromyalgia Story Josy Tabb Fibro Ramblings
Josy Tabb
Adding My Face to Fibromyalgia Awareness, Kaishona Casey
Kaishona Casey
Faces of Fibromyalgia White Butterfly Adding my face to Fibromyalgia Awareness Kaitlynn Winn Fibro Ramblings
Katelynn Winn
Faces of Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia; The Pain Behind My Smile, by Katharine Austin
Katharine Austin
Faces of Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia; My Struggle to Obtain a Diagnosis, by Katherine Williams-Watson
Katherine Williams-Watson
Peace and Acceptance, by Katrina Irapah
Katrina Irapah
Adding My Face to Fibromyalgia Awareness, Lisa Beamer
Lisa Beamer
I Don't Look Sick, But I Am by Luciana Cardoso
Luciana Cardoso
I Inherited Fibromyalgia from my Mother, by Mayerlin Prado Ruiz
Mayerlin Prado Ruiz
How I had to become the "expert" so that other's didn't have to, by guest blogger, Melissa Reynolds
Melissa Reynolds
Too Young for Fibromyalgia, by Meri-zelle Bouillon
Meri-zelle Bouillon
Survived Cancer & Diagnosed with Dystonia & Fibromyalgia, by Mette Magtalas
Mette Magtalas
My Wife has Fibromyalgia; Here's What It's Like & Some Advice you Might Find Helpful, by Michael Gilchrist
Michael Gilchrist
I Find Fibromyalgia very Challenging, by Michelle Ntombela
Michelle Ntombela
Being In Constant Pain Is Not Easy by Milagro Bonilla
Milagro Bonilla
Faces of Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia; My Journey & My Fight, by Natasha Atkinson
Natasha Atkinson
Prachi Sahney
Rachel Harding
Faces of Fibromyalgia Rhiana Fibro Ramblings
Faces of Fibromyalgia I've Been Suffering from Fibromyalgia, by Rika Kino
Rika Kino
Faces of Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia Diagnosis: Searching for Answers but Treated Like a Liar Instead, by Rikki-May
Faces of Fibromyalgia Roberta Distante Copenhagen Denmark Fibro Ramblings
Roberta Distante
Fighting both Chronic & Mental Illness by Rosie Burt
Rosie Burt
I Was Made To Feel Like a Hypochondriac by Sasha Twinham
Sasha Twinham
Faces of Fibromyalgia I Knew Something Was Wrong & Just Wanted ANSWERS!, by Shanikwa Brown
Shanikwa Brown
Faces of Fibromyalgia My Life Now with Fibromyalgia, by Shannon Senecal
Shannon Senecal
Faces of Fibromyalgia Adding My Face to Fibromyalgia Awareness, Sharron Holbert
Sharron Holbert
Faces of Fibromyalgia Awareness Sheila Pacheco
Sheila Pacheco
Fibromyalgia: My Long, Arduous Journey by Sherry Williams
Sherry Williams
Living Life to the Fullest Despite Fibromyalgia by Sophie Daniels
Sophie Daniels
Called a Miracle Case: Here's Why, by Tara Lynch
Tara Lynch
Adding My Face to Fibromyalgia Awareness, Tammy Johnson
Tammy Johnson
My Rough & Frightening Journey to Diagnosis, by Tiffany Stuart Fibro Ramblings Faces of Fibromyalgia
Tiffany Stuart
Vena Astemborski
Adding my face to Fibromyalgia Awareness, Vicky Foster
Vicky Foster
Faces of Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia, I was relieved to finally have a name, by Whitney Darling
Whitney Darling
Faces of Fibromyalgia How I Fight My Fibromyalgia Diagnosis, Zuzana Babickova
Zuzana Babickova

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