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My long journey to diagnosis

My Long Journey to Diagnosis To talk about the journey to diagnosis is important as it is just as traumatic as the diagnosis itself.  Many months, lots of doctors, lots of visits, lots of unnecessary painful medical procedures and tests, lots of costs involved, lots of heartache and painful moments.  As awareness of Fibromyalgia is… Continue reading My long journey to diagnosis

Chronic Pain, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Health

Things NOT to say to someone with Fibromyalgia

It is a sad reality that people with fibromyalgia often have to deal with judgement and criticism from their friends, family and the public at large.  A lot of this is very cruel and hurtful.  Education is key!  If somebody you know or love suffers from fibromyalgia, then you really should try and find out… Continue reading Things NOT to say to someone with Fibromyalgia