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Trigger Point Injections (TPIs)

Trigger Point Injections Every 4 months, I go to see my Pain Specialist and he gives me Trigger Point Injections (TPIs). The areas that he focuses on are my neck, shoulders, back (both upper and lower), my jaw and occasionally the muscles in my chest. I find these injections very painful and they often put… Continue reading Trigger Point Injections (TPIs)

Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Health

What is a Flare?

A flare is when symptoms of a chronic illness become excruciatingly painful and "flare up". Some flares can be over quickly whilst others can last months or year.Stress, hormones, a change in the weather or doing more than normal can cause a flare but sometimes they can occur for no apparent reason. What is a… Continue reading What is a Flare?